”I now read more naturally and conversationally.”

- Naples, FL


You will avoid stereotyped, monotonous or overly expressive reading of public addresses, Bible verses, song lyrics, poetry and prose. You will recognize new ideas, contrasts, and other patterns of conversation that bring out the writer’s meaning. You will read with greater understanding and as naturally as you talk.



What is Analytical Reading?

Analytical Reading teaches the art and science of reading aloud.

Analytical Reading is based on the discovery by Nedra Newkirk Lamar of the conversational principles and patterns that we use in everyday speech. It helps the reader see through the words to the writer's meaning and imparts the skills that enable each of us to read aloud naturally and with confidence.


“I now read ideas and not words …the congregation has noticed the change”

- Ondo State, Nigeria

Who is it for?

Analytical Reading is for those who want to uncover the author's meaning of what they read and convey that meaning to their listeners, including:

  • Readers in Churches

  • Bible Students

  • Lawyers and Other Professionals

  • Broadcasters

  • Actors and Presenters


“AR has enabled me to write
with more purpose and clarity” 

- Healdsburg, CA

What will you learn?

  • How to recognize the principles and patterns of emphasis and phrasing used naturally in everyday speech

  • How to apply these principles to uncover the writer's meaning

  • How to bring out the writer's meaning as you read and avoid personal misinterpretation

  • How to bring out the healing meaning of passages in the Bible and other writings

  • How to speak naturally when reading Bible verses, poetry, song lyrics or hymns

  • How to unpack complicated Bible verses

  • How to avoid monotonous or overly dramatic reading

  • How to make the written word come to life


“I learned how to discern the
author’s meaning…”

- Elsah, IL

How do you teach?


“I now understand how to connect passages to bring out the meaning …”

- Dallas, TX


Analytical Reading teachers use the Socratic method. Beginning sessions focus on basic principles and patterns of conversational speaking, usually together with the book “Giving the Sense – How Read Aloud with Meaning,” by Nedra Newkirk Lamar. Their questions teach you to recognize where a pertinent principle will help you bring out the writer’s message. You then begin to analyze passages yourself and decide how to read them. You are never told how you must read a passage. 

As you learn to apply Analytical Reading principles and patterns, your delivery will become natural and  conversational.  The question and answer technique is used in a conscientious effort to avoid influencing your thinking and to guard against imitating the teacher.

Teaching is done in classes or individually, in person or by telephone. Some teachers also use Skype™ or FaceTime®

Who are the teachers?


“AR opened a whole world of
clarification and insight”

- Longview TX


All teachers are certified affiliates of the Institute of Analytical Reading, Inc. They have completed an intensive 120 hour course in teaching and coaching after having previously been Analytical Reading students themselves. They are located all over the country but your location can be anywhere, as teaching is by phone or other use of technology. They stand ready to take your call.

The Handbook of Analytical Reading 

“Giving the Sense – How to Read Aloud with Meaning” by Nedra Newkirk Lamar will introduce you to the principles of conversational reading. Early chapters will give you a foundation in the science and art of good oral reading. Later chapters explain more advanced principles, where you will gain deeper insights into the writer’s meaning and show you how to convey this meaning when you read it aloud.

Whether you’re a church reader or minister, radio or television announcer, teacher, actor, student, or occasionally called upon to read aloud, you will value what this book has to say. It will help you achieve naturalness when reading aloud. The premise is unique. The approach is logical. The result is remarkable.


“I am appreciating Bible verses
in new ways”

- Edmond, OK


About the Institute of Analytical Reading, Inc.

Author and scholar Nedra Newkirk Lamar presented her unique approach to oral reading in the book “How the Speak the Written Word” first published in 1949. In 1967 she held her first teacher’s training class and in 1976 she established the Institute of Analytical Reading to better promote the art of reading aloud conversationally. An updated version of Lamar’s book, now titled “Giving the Sense: How to Read Aloud with Meaning” is now available at on line bookstores, including


How We Want to Change the World

Nedra Newkirk Lamar writes:
"There are, in my opinion, just three indispensables to good reading:

Audible voice

Intelligible diction

The Meaning. The Meaning. The Meaning.”

What is the point of a reading if your audience doesn’t understand the ideas behind the words? 

It is our hope that the conversational principles of Analytical Reading will bring life and light to the meaning of ideas read aloud in congregations, public meetings and broadcasts; and that these ideas will enrich the lives of those who hear them.